John Nichols


It is with great regret that we mark the passing of another great stalwart of advertising rugby.

John Nichols passed away on the morning of 4th January after a typically brave fight against severe illness.
One of the founder members of the EAARFC in 1983, John was a dynamic and aggressive flanker who never took 'no' for an answer.
We will remember him as a wonderful player, successful colleague and good and generous friend.

Our commiserations to Mike and Yvonne, and all family and friends.

Jean Pierre Audour

 Jean Pierre Audour

Jean Pierre passed away on the morning of 18th December 2017 after a period of illness.

Over 300 members of the English Advertising Agencies Rugby Club will remember him with respect and affection.

We will miss his spirit, intelligence and generosity.  Most of all, we will miss his friendship.

We send our deepest condolences to his family.


Tim Mott, President EAARFC on behalf of 318 members

The English Advertising Agencies Rugby Club

The EAARFC was founded in 1983. The prime purpose of the club is to play an annual advertising rugby "international" against the French Advertising Agencies. This is the only regular sporting event between the two industries.

The rules of engagement are simple. Each year the visiting team arrives at an appointed location with return tickets home for Sunday evening - everything that happens in between is the responsibility of the host club.



29th International

The 29th Advertising Rugby International will be played in Versailles on Saturday 8th June 2013. There will be two matches - the EAARFC 1st XV will play the Rugby Club de la Publicité and an Anglo-French Barbarians team will play a Versailles Select XV. Playing and touring places may still be available - go to Contact Us.


28th International

The 28th Advertising Rugby International was played at The Rec, Bath on Saturday 21st May 2011.

Result: EAARFC 1st XV 38 - Rugby Club de la Publicité 28.

A full match report can be read here.

The Advertising Rugby 'International'

Two matches are played - the main 'international' is preceded by an Advertising 'Barbarians' match which was first played in 1994 when the number of players interested in getting involved was sufficient for two full teams, plus adequate subs.

We play in June - partly because the French season does not finish until the end of May and partly to ensure, as far as possible, good weather for a weekend which is much more than just a rugby event, although rugby is the centrepiece.

Due to the heavy demands of the UK season, even on amateur players, the EAARFC plays just once, although we sometimes also manage a fixture against our friends and colleagues, The Media Nomads.

We take a Corinthian approach, fielding a 1st XV primarily based on players from clubs at around London 1/2 level - qualifying players in National League teams rarely get released although they are very welcome. Training in Battersea Park takes place once in the week before the match and delivers a tremendous turnover boost to a very good local Tandoori restaurant.

In sharp contrast, The Rugby Club de la Publicité now plays a full season of regular fixtures in the Paris Business League, partly because there seem to be fewer club rugby opportunities in that part of France and partly because Paris is compact enough to enable players from all over the city to turn up approximately on time for home and away matches. We therefore pitch English flair against French organisation - an unusual turnaround.

Whatever the composition of the teams, this advertising rugby weekend offers two seriously competitive matches and a famously sociable atmosphere afterwards, as players, members, guests, restaurateurs and hoteliers will all aver. It is rugby at its very best.

Many good business contacts and lasting friendships have been made as a result of this unique industry event which brings together people who love rugby - and advertising.