1st XV

The English Advertising Agencies Rugby Club exists for one reason only to play the annual advertising rugby 'International' against the Rugby Club de la Publicité.

This makes us a little different to our French counterparts who play regularly throughout the season in the Paris Business League and creates a rather unusual situation as we are required to counter Gallic teamwork with Anglo-Saxon flair - tricky role reversal.

Playing just one match year requires us to adopt a Corinthian approach and we always struggle to field our strongest team as there are players in the industry on part-time professional terms with leading clubs who are not released, but we are never lacking in spirit and 'attitude'.

We turn out an impeccably immaculate team in black and white hoops and we play for the Audour Cup, named after the esteemed 'President forever' of the Rugby Club de la Publicité whom we hold more than partly responsible for the last twenty seven years of fun, friendship, cuts and bruises - and maybe the odd hangover.


Saar, 2006 - a big English           Jean Pierre...
win in the Basque country